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The observance of Memorial Day is to honor men and women who died in their military service to this country.  It is common for us to acknowledge our living veterans too.  It is a day for waving the flag and for esprit de corps.  Whatever may be wrong with our country, we are still proud to be Americans and humbled by the price so many people have paid for us to get to live the lives we do.

Memorial Day is a time for reflection.  Even as we express our gratitude to those who fought and died in military service, we are reminded that liberty is won daily by small choices we each make.  So, today, in addition to the women and men who gave their lives in military service, and to those who survived their tours of duty and their families, I wish to thank all citizens of the United States for your patriotism.  We are in the fight of our generations but no enemy shall breach these shores without meeting stiff resistance.  We are American strong and we will overcome any and every enemy which confronts us.  We believe in God and ultimately, though we may disagree intellectually, we believe in each other.  We believe in American resilience and faith.  I am confident that we will survive anything the enemy throws at us.

So, on this day, we put aside all our differences and stand proudly for the red, white and blue.  We thank God for the people who have gone before us and given their lives and fortunes to secure liberty for us all and we pledge our sacred oaths to God and country.  And, to “Old Glory,” may she proudly wave!

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