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Psalm 123: 3 & 4        (TLV)

Show us favor, Adonai, show us favor! For we have endured much contempt. Our soul has had enough of the scorn of those at ease, the contempt of the proud.

What a sad truth this is; we bear the scorn and contempt of a world which has lost faith in the one true God. We are belittled because we believe in and serve a God they cannot see. When truth wins out, though, they will realize how many times He stepped in and saved their lives, or the catastrophes averted because His love entered in. They will be humbled when they come to see that the success they earned was, in fact, a gift of His grace.

Our beloved Father is touching lives all over the planet even at this very moment. We serve and honor Him for who He is but also because He is love and compassion even to those who hate Him and who hate us. He loves them, let us not forget, and gave His son that they may live and not die.

Though they mock us, God has our back. We will pray for them. We lift them up to the most holy God. Father more important than our vindication is their salvation. Let all people see your glory. Cause your grace to touch and bless all so that rather than the contempt of the proud, we shall see the gratitude of the humble. Show us your favor as you show the proud your mercy.

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