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Psalm 122: 6

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May they prosper who love you.”

As Christians, we have an interesting heritage and lots of homes. Like the Jews we have roots in Jerusalem as our home because we have been adopted into the family of Abraham. So, through our adoptive family, our roots lead back to Jerusalem. At some level, Jerusalem is our ancestral home. We also look forward to the new Jerusalem in which we have a part. Our current home is as much, one might argue more, in heaven in the New Jerusalem as it is here.

The most important thing to realize is that we are tied to the health and well-being of Jerusalem. We ought to pray for the peace of Jerusalem because, if for no other reason, our own wellbeing and prosperity are tied to her. All who love and honor her are blessed with prosperity in all aspects of life. This applies to us as individuals and as a nation. It goes well with us as it goes well with Jerusalem.

I have heard some beautiful prayers for Jerusalem, and you may count this psalm among them for that is what it is, a prayer for Jerusalem and those who love her. As Christians we may feel that Jerusalem is remote from our experiences, but she is part of our heritage and lineage. We do well to pray for Jerusalem and for the peace of that holy city for in her security lies our own. It is the land of Jesus, the very streets he walked and because of that our hearts are tied to her as well. Peace for Israel, peace for Jerusalem and peace for each of us. I do believe that to be a good prayer.

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