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John 5: 20

For the Father loves the Son and shows him all he does.

Most of the verses I send are one’s which I believe to bring good news to you. This one has that component too because the Father loves you too so He will also show you what He is doing. So, there is a personal take away.

What struck me about this verse, though, is not the benefit to us as much as the relationship the Father and Son enjoy. This is the dynamic  the Apostle John intended to convey in his gospel. Ultimately, this is good news for us too because John is showing us the operation of the New Covenant. Jesus didn’t do anything on his own. He constantly leaned on the Father’s wisdom and did what he saw the Father do. It reminds me of little kids and how they emulate their parents. That’s Jesus in love with his Father and that is us in our new skin. As we grown in our relationship with the Father, we can walk hand in hand, step by step with the Father the way Jesus did. There is not one moment’s separation between Jesus and the Father and that can be our walk too. And it all begins with the Father’s love.

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