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Genesis 1: 2

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Do you believe this scripture? Why? Most of us came to accept the idea of God as the creator by simple faith. No one proved it to us. However, increasingly science is beginning to prove many Biblical precepts and events. I enjoy seeing the amalgamation of science and faith, but I begin to wonder. As we race headlong into a faith which, in fact, requires little faith, do we do ourselves and others an injustice?

In the old days, believers were just that, believers. They did not have empirical evidence to stand on. They believed because they chose to believe. That was called faith. They had to step out on unproven ground believing it would support them. I wonder if their faith wasn’t stronger because of this reality. I also wonder if God honored their faith because it was born in simple belief that He is who He says He is. Perhaps they drew closer to Him because they had to. They did not have the luxuries we enjoy so had to pull harder on those Biblical precepts and their resulting beliefs. Maybe they searched for help and for answers in the ancient scriptures and in their own hearts. Perhaps their longing for the Word was more eager because it was more desperate. They didn’t have preachers at their beck and call twenty-four hours a day. Sometimes I think the internet makes us like marionettes. Believers can have us preach at any time of the day or night and in that sense, believers don’t have to search the Word, or their own spirits as was once the case.

Don’t get me wrong. I still love seeing science prove what the Bible has taught for thousands of years. It is informative and strikes my funny bone. However, I think, perhaps, I must delve deeper into the Word this year and let it speak to my spirit. Moreover, in my seeking, I know I will find, and you know who I will find when I seek. I am still listening to what the Lord would have me tell you about 2021 but I know it is down this avenue. Seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind and what you reap will be beyond, far beyond, knowledge. We will all find him in new and wonderful ways. I believe we will find a true faith that will sustain us through challenging times.

  1. To me this is so exciting that scientists are discovering spiritual truths as reality when sometimes we read the bible & some of the promises are hard to accept in reality, but the scientist has hard evidence that it is so, I find myself at a loss for words because it is such an awesome concept. All I can say Ivey, you are on the right tract for the year 2021, revelation will leave us breathless & speechless, bless you.


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