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James 4: 8

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you.

I have been trying to answer the question, “Why should we seek the Lord?” God tells us to but at a more basic level, what motivates people to seek God? For me, it was an intense frustration at not being able to hear His voice clearly when other people could. That exasperation drove me 2500 miles to the other side of the country to rectify what seemed wrong to me.

There was a hunger within me to know the Father. Does not everyone have that desire? Was it my pastor who stirred up the desire within me the way the Apostle Paul did with Timothy? This idea that if we seek God, He will reach out to us has been a driving force in my teachings and in my own experiences. The experience I had in Anaheim, CA didn’t satisfy me. It made me want more of Him. I tasted of His presence in a way I never had before and that showed me more of what was possible. You get close enough to see behind the curtain and I want it all. The closer we draw to Him the more we want to draw closer.

This verse reminds me of Michelangelo’s painting of the hands of God and man which is on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Man rather lazily extends His hand towards God. He is almost cavalier in his reach. You get the sense about God that He has been waiting a long time for the man to reach out, that He has been holding out His hand just waiting for us to reach out and take it. It seems God has been enthusiastically reaching out towards man waiting for man to reciprocate.

Looking at the painting makes me want to replace the man. In a sense, we all get that chance. What will we do with it? Will we lounge comfortably reaching only as far as is comfortable? Who will leap to their feet and pursue God? Is that promise that when you seek God, you will get Him sufficient motivation for anyone? What does it take to motivate us? Is it the reward? Probably not. It is more likely the pain of not having what you want. However, imbedded in there is the belief that you can actually have it. I believed God spoke to people and I could not understand why I was not hearing Him speak to me. If there is a gift of God, I want it and I will not be denied so I guess it is the sense of missing out on something that I can have that drives me. Being in His presence is worth everything. It is the greatest of all joys but maybe we need more pain to drive us. Maybe being left out moves us more than the promise of gain.

I don’t know how to motivate anyone but myself. I wish I did. I would do everything I can to get each of you to seek God at a greater level because I know how much it would bless you. For now, I can just say, the rewards are certainly worth it. You will find love and acceptance like you never have before. You will find release and peace within your soul. This message is for Christians. Seek more of God. Insist He give you more. He wants you to make a demand of Him and you have the promise right here in today’s verse. He cannot deny His own word so He must comply. Go Get Him, and don’t stop until He has gotten you.


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