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Psalm 145: 6

They tell of the power of your awesome works – and I will proclaim your great deeds.

It is my turn to proclaim God’s mighty and great deeds. This goes back to the Word of the Day entitled Fingerprints. Fingerprints was about how God takes care of so many details in our lives, many of which we never would have known to pray about. It is the blessing of God which follows us around looking after us. So today I am going to tell you one of the stories which inspired that devotion.

I have been having work done at my house. Because of that I needed to move things out of the way of the contractors. One day I carried a load to the storage unit. While there, I received a phone call. Most of the time I was unloading, I had on my headset and was on this call. My attention was a bit more on the caller than on what I was doing. That night, when I went to bed, I realized I did not remember putting my fold up futon in the storage unit. I remembered taking it off of the cart but not putting it away.

The next day, I went back over to the storage unit and didn’t see it anywhere.  I opened up my unit and, indeed, it was not there. I went to the office and spoke with the attendant who said she didn’t know of anything like that left out or turned in, but recommended I call and speak with the manager. The next day I called and the manager said there was nothing turned in like that. I figured it was gone and just hoped it would bless someone.

Each night when I went to bed my thoughts were haunted by that futon and I tried to remember what happened. I also worried about what else I might have left out. It’s been two months now. Recently, I went back over to the storage unit. As I walked to my unit, I went down the adjacent hallway. To my extreme surprise, laying there in the hallway was my futon, but not only my futon but my camp mat, kayak bag, and a vacuum cleaner. Are you kidding me? Father preserved my possessions for me for two months. No one took my things. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I didn’t see any of those things when I went back to my unit right after it happened, but there they were right in the hallway.

I have no explanation other than that God is great. It is amazing to me. I promised God not to be so distracted next time and to keep my mind on what I was doing. Mostly, I praised Him. Now you know one of the reasons I wrote Fingerprints. Father is out there taking care of my life when I am oblivious to my actual needs. I am so sorry the unsaved don’t know Him and don’t have Him to help with all the things life tosses at us. It sure is good to have a Father who is paying attention and looking out for us. Amen and praise God!

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