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Isaiah 41: 9

I have chosen you and not rejected you.

Do you ever wonder who you are in Christ? Or do you love God but just don’t know how you fit in? Do not worry. God called you from the far reaches of the earth. He called you when you didn’t know him. You love God because He first loved you. He wanted you in His family since the beginning of time. He picked you; He chose you. He certainly has not rejected you. Perhaps you do not think you are who you should be. Well, we are all growing into a better version of ourselves, but that does not mean that God is rejecting who you are. He just wants you to grow up into the you that you were always destined to be. That does not mean that He wants to alter the basic elements of who you are. We just all have to grow. We all need to learn to walk in love, mercy, peace and truth. We don’t just instinctively know how to do that. So, sure, we are all learning and growing but God wants you to know that He, Himself, has chosen you and not rejected you. He wants you to hear this loud and clear. He knew exactly who you were when He got you. He called you to Himself when you were yet imperfect. So, don’t think you have to be perfect to please Him. He is the perfection. Just join with Him. Integrate who you are with who He is. You will be perfect in Him because the two of you will make an unbeatable pair.

From this day on, never again question who you are because I am going to tell you who you are. You are God’s chosen, His elect. He sought you and He bought you. You have been redeemed in the perfection that He is. You are His joy and His delight. You are receiving this message because you are a precious member of His own family. He has always loved you and validated you. He just longs for more of you.

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