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Proverb 7: 8

Passing through the street near her corner; and he walks along the way to her house.

Solomon gives an important insight to surviving against temptation in this Proverb. Keep your distance.

Everyone has their temptation, those things which weaken us. Regardless of each our particular weaknesses, there is a solid strategy, keep it far from you. Solomon advises us to stay far from that which tempts us. Don’t go near the temptation.

This is a small example but perhaps fits – I like soda, and it is a great temptation for me. So, I just cannot bring it in my house. Not all temptation is as simple as this, but it does all work in similar fashion. If you know something is detrimental to your life and faith, then you must stay away from the corner where it lives.

When we speak of temptation, we tend to think of the big things. This proverb speaks explicitly about adultery, but also, implicitly about anything which steals from your best life. Sometimes we have not taken fair notice of those things which encumber our best life. Maybe it is diet problems like soda, but there are so many things which cost us. Perhaps it is the lure of something as simple as television, maybe the attraction of sleeping in. I don’t call these sins but for some of us they may rank as such. They are still things which shackle us and prevent us from living the life Jesus died to give us, the life our Father destined for us. We become slaves to these lusts and give in to them rather than making wise choices, and that is what this book of proverbs is about, wisdom.

Take some time to look at life. What is the temptation which often wins the day? What would you like out of your life and what are those things which are stealing from you? Once identified, make a plan to steer clear of them. Figure out what you must do to follow Jesus’ ways and God’s plan for your life. Don’t get to the finish line with a truck load of regrets. Make today the day you take charge. Pray over the things which are temptations. Put them in the Father’s hands and receive His help. None of us, not one of us, can do anything apart from Him, so why would we even try? Get engaged with the Father and let Him help you to keep your distance from those things which would plot to steal your life.

Proverb 7

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