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Psalm 119: 62             (NLV)

At midnight I rise to thank you.

My Bible doesn’t record who wrote this psalm, but I have to guess it was David and for the purpose of this discussion, let us presume it was. The question that came to me is how and why David was awake at midnight. He didn’t set a clock. The rooster wasn’t crowing. So, did he just awaken and then because he was awake his mind turned to God?

Do you ever have trouble sleeping? Well, take some guidance from this psalm. When you awaken, pray. Literally take time to thank God. Perhaps you awaken several times in the night? Imagine if you only prayed a few minutes each time. Would it have an effect on your life? I think it would make an excellent experiment. Try it and let me know how it impacts your life and even your sleep.

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