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2 Corinthians 2: 14

But thanks be unto God, which always causes us to triumph in Christ.

The most important word in this sentence for us may be “always”. We don’t have a hard time believing that God causes people to triumph, but we do have trouble with always. Always includes every time and every person. That means you. It also includes whatever situation you are facing right now. God has already created the victory in that situation. Only when we first embrace this truth will we see it manifested though. He has created the victory, but you have to receive it. You cannot have what you cannot believe. It is just impossible. That is why you see Christians who are not triumphant. We have yet to accept God’s victory for ourselves.

Think of it this way. You know that Jesus has overcome the trouble of the world. For whom did He fight the battle and claim the victory? It was for us, right? If not, He could have just stayed in heaven and lived forever in paradise. He came to this earth in order to bring the victory to you. He was already successful, but we were suffering and going down for the third time. Now that He has triumphed over the devil, we don’t have to be beaten up by every little scheme the devil and his minions can think up. When the devil comes at you with trouble and aggravation, remind him that you are of God and already have the victory that has overcome the world.

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