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Proverb 18: 2            Tree of Life

A fool finds no delight in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

Two things about this strike my funny bone. First, people think they are coming up with a great piece of wisdom, and they are, but more often than not, I find that it was said in the Bible several thousand years ago. It is amazing how we have to keep discovering the same truths over and over again. You would think there would be a short cut for that.

Second, this cartoon and verse are just too true. Pastors beware! This is one of the hardest elements to overcome when trying to teach folks. The sermons that really resonate with them aren’t the ones which are full of revelation from God. They are the ones that agree with their own ideas. This reality makes it hard to teach people anything new. They are mired in the things they think they know. However, if you keep saying things long enough, sooner or later they come to the conclusion you have been propounding and think it their idea. If you don’t need to have the credit, you can lead them, eventually.

I have observed that people don’t want to be taught. Solomon calls that person a fool. Is it because we have such weak self-esteems or can it be because we do not believe that God is still teaching His people? I believe God is still pouring out His wisdom and leading us into understanding, but how shall we receive it? And, how shall we share what He teaches us if there is no one to hear? I suppose the answer is, “Don’t hang around with fools and if you find some people who are open to understanding, cherish them.” There is nothing so lonely as wisdom, but you and I must continue to share it and those with ears will hear. For the others, I guess we will adhere to the wisdom of Buzz Lightyear.

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