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Ephesians 4: 6      TPT

And he is the perfect Father who leads us all, works through us all, and lives in us all!

Jesus rattled the world when he told people that he and the Father would live in us and through us (John 14: 23). He spoke of the Father with a familiarity that rankled the Jews. Truly, the familiarity with which we speak of the Father today still unsettles some. Interestingly, only the Apostle John leaned into this revelation of Immanuel, God with us. John understood that the name applied to more than Jesus spending a short time walking the earth. It is, in fact, the New Covenant in a word. Man, that is a big revelation, one we are still grappling with.

Paul came along behind the twelve disciples. Except for John, the gospel writers mostly gave an account of the life of Jesus. Paul took those accounts and Jesus’ teachings and explained them. I said last week, he seemed to understand the Apostle John well and he continued John’s teachings. This revelation that God lives in us is so big that even after both John and Paul unveiled this great mystery, it still remains cloaked for many people.

I hope you revel in the idea that God is not only with you, but in you, even if your mind cannot comprehend it. Honestly, I cannot fully grasp it either, but I do glory in the truth of it. We don’t need to pray to a far-removed deity, God in heaven. We can turn inward and find the creator right there. Isn’t that amazing?

Perhaps I am just in the Christmas Spirit, but this seems like a good Christmas message. Perhaps it is Christmas and Easter rolled up together. This “God with us” thing is central to Jesus’ purpose in coming to earth. Jesus came to reconcile us to the Father and what a job he did. He so thoroughly accomplished his task that the Father packed up and moved in with us. Can you even grasp the enormity of that? It is mind boggling!

I hope that this Christmas season, you will enjoy Emmanuel, God with us. Every time you hear a Christmas carol, I hope you are reminded of the King who came to make his abode with you. Merry Christmas!

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