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Colossians 1: 27

For this is the secret: Christ lives in you, and this is your assurance that you will share in his glory.

Here is your answer Job. Yesterday’s Word of the Day saw Job lost without God and no way to find Him. Job wanted to speak with God directly but didn’t know how to find Him. What great news this would have been to him.

Can we even begin to wrap our heads around this? I cannot, yet I believe it and rely on it in no small measure. The Trinity has come to earth to make its abode with us, more importantly, in us. This is the great mystery, the super-secret. Paul was astounded that he got to share it with people but like John, he struggled for the words to make it come alive in people’s minds. How do we open ourselves to this truth enough that it becomes real to us?

One of our issues is that we have been trained to be more physically minded than spiritually minded. It shows up in this question, where within us, does God abide? Is He in our hearts? Is there empty space in our abdomens that He can abide? We think of empty spaces that he can fill. That is a very physical concept. However, God is beyond that. He can fill non-empty spaces.

Begin here. Imagine your spirit. What does it look like to you? Is it some ethereal cloud like form that lives within you? Now, imagine two clouds blending together. That’s not so hard to do. You’ve watched the clouds in the sky on a summer’s day and seen it happen. They simply become one cloud. The new looks like neither of the individual clouds. They have become a new thing.

Let’s go a different direction. Perhaps your spirit is more like oxygen moving through all the spaces of your body. It infiltrates every cell. This is how I picture the Holy Spirit living in my body. He lives within muscle tissue, in blood cells; he abides in the cartilage and ligaments in knees, in bones, literally everywhere.

This is the great mystery, and it is so fascinating, but truth be told, we do not have to unravel the mystery to appreciate it. The best thing we can do is to just accept it and live our lives in the reality of it. What does life look like if you really believe Christ is in you? What if you were aware that he goes with you in every appointment or every job interview. Would that change your confidence level? Think, too, is there any place you sometimes go that you would not want to take Jesus to. That is a sobering thought.

Enjoy this great miracle of the Holy Trinity living in you, living in your spirit and in your living tissue. That ought to impact the way you think about healing too.

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