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Job 22:28

You will also decree a thing and it will be established.

You may wonder about the selection of this verse in a series on healing. I will go so far as to say this may be the most important verse in the whole series. If we wish to live in the Lord’s health, prosperity, abundant life, or anything else he has for us, eventually we have to accept his words and make our words come into agreement with his.

There is more power in this verse today than my words can begin to touch upon. I am even sure that I do not yet have a full revelation of it. However, I am pressing in on this point so that the Father can show me more. One of Jesus’ strongest teachings is found in Mark 11: 23. We, the church, are still trying to figure this one out. Kenneth Hagin spent a 50 year preaching, ministering life on verses 23 and 24. Let’s look at verse twenty-three, “Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it shall be granted him.” The word “granted” is in italics in the Bible indicating it was added. The text should be more like, “It shall be.”

This was the lesson Job had to learn to get himself out of the trouble he was in. As long as he was mired down in his language, blaming God for his troubles and focusing on them, he remained in the muck. Once Job renewed his mouth, he was restored. His fears and doubts brought about his calamity but his faith in the God of Israel restored him.

In Mark 11 Jesus’ disciples were astonished when they walked by a fig bush that Jesus had cursed the previous day. The fig tree had withered from the roots up. Jesus was astonished that they were surprised. That is when he explained to them that whatever they say, believing, will happen. When faith comes out of our mouths, things have to happen. Jesus was not surprised the fig tree had died. What other outcome was possible? Speaking faith fueled words is how God created everything. God said let there be . . . and it was. He didn’t take out a magic wand and swing it around. He spoke, expecting the elements to obey him. And He is in you. The power that is alive in you creates through spoken language.

What you say, has an enormous impact on your life, including your health. Do you say you are going to get the flu because you get it every year? Guess why you get it every year.

Now don’t get crazy. I am not telling you to go get in someone’s face who has Covid. That is stupidity, not faith. Faith is in walking in God’s wisdom. Get a word from God and stand on it. Job knew the Word of God but got derailed and began speaking the wrong words. We have the Word of God too. All we have to do is to take this list of verses and speak their truths. You don’t have to make up confessions. Just speak the Word.

If you believe for sickness or injury and continually confess it, you are going to live in sickness. If you believe these verses on healing and speak them, then you will establish health. Do not accept a doctor’s prognosis alone. Get God’s advice too. I do not deny that God anointed doctors, but we need to include our healer also. Do not accept that once you reach a certain age you must accept aches, pains and sickness. Reject that junk. It is heathen garbage. You are the blessed of Abraham, Jesus’ own inheritance. Stand on your promises and speak words of belief in those promises. What you say, will be established. Decree something good.

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