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Proverb 17:22

A joyful heart is good medicine.

I was watching a movie over the weekend and noticing that the lead actor had a propensity towards smiling. It put me in remembrance of another movie I watched where the male lead seemed to struggle to smile. Just watching the movie, I didn’t like that guy. It turns out that a joyful heart is good medicine to those around you as well as doing amazing things for your health.

You have heard that smiling and laughter, especially belly laughter aids health. As I have grown and watched people, I have learned a bit about our emotional content and our health. Because of what I have learned, I try to remain at peace. It isn’t always easy to do, is it? Do you know this verse, Romans 12: 8,As much as it is possible, live in peace with everyone.” That is not just spiritual advice, it is health advice.

Do you know someone who always seems to be embroiled in some kind of mess? Or someone who seems angry all the time? Maybe you know someone who is gruff. They are doing themselves harm. God gave Paul this message about remaining at peace. At the time Paul received this “Word” from the Lord, he may not even have known the full purpose of it, but this I have learned. Being upset or angry is damaging to your body systems. I believe a person can do serious damage to their heart with these destructive emotions. We know that negative emotions inhibit digestion preventing the body from even nourishing itself.

We’ve all been through a couple of tough years. People have carried more stress, worry and anger than is healthy. Meanwhile, gyms were not always available to work off those toxic emotions. Now is a good time to do some healing. You need to work through your emotions with the Father. Talk with Him about the things that have upset you. Release those emotions to Him and ask Him to restore your joy. Meditate on Jesus. Imagine seeing Jesus face to face. How would you feel if you looked into his eyes? Push away all the bad emotions because, believe me, they are killing us. Let God’s love pour over you like warm honey. Find your seed of happiness and water it. And, can I say, turn off the stressful movies for a couple of weeks and find some that make you laugh out loud? It is healing and brother, we all need some healing. Let joy and laughter be your medicine. Take at least twice a day.

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