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My Valentine for God

Will you please take this heart of mine?
Place it in your garden of love;
Please water it well with kindness
And feed with wisdom from above.
Take the ugliness from within,
Replace with understanding and light;
Then each day bless and hallow it,
That it may rest in peace at night.

Alma Hopkins

I am going to take a pause from our healing scriptures to send you this special Valentine.

This is another of those newspaper clippings found recently. There is no telling how long ago this was clipped from the paper or even which newspaper it is from. It is unique in that most of us don’t even get a newspaper and haven’t for a while. This is a bit like having a time machine and being able to go back in time. I want you to pause today and take this in. Imagine a newspaper even printing this today. Feel the paper in your hands and the smell of ink and paper. Enjoy this moment.

Then, really take in the content of the poem. Which word ministers most to you? For myself, I think it is that there is feeding and watering for my heart. That is an interesting concept.

Giving our heart into God’s hands is the safest place for it. Receiving His nurture just adds to it. I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your special (though not secret) valentine.

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