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Matthew 4: 23

Jesus was going about in all of Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every sickness among the people.

Isn’t it easy to believe that if Jesus walked up to you, healing would be a simple matter? Of course, the people of his time didn’t always believe he could heal them or that he would. Those are two forms of doubt we still must deal with today. Even if we accept that Jesus wants us healed, we have a challenge receiving it. How do we get his healing? “If he were still here,” we think, “it would be easy.” However, Jesus said it was to our advantage that he go away (John 16: 7). That hardly makes sense though. Do you agree?

Jesus explained to his disciples that if he should go away, he could send the helper, the Holy Spirit who would come and live within us and be with us forever. Jesus wanted us all to understand that we were not losing him, but rather that we were gaining the third person of the Trinity.
Do you think the Father lost all His power when he sent Jesus to earth? Was He unable to act as long as Jesus was here? Or how about this? We know that Jesus was with the Father in the beginning of time. Was he powerless while he lived with God, before he came to earth? Why did Jesus think it advantageous for the Holy Spirit to come?

Finally, with the coming of the Spirit we can talk about living with the Trinity. If Jesus went around healing every sickness and disease, why can’t the Spirit do that now? Furthermore, Jesus is still with us, isn’t he? Sometimes we don’t have a big revelation of that. Where are you right now? Look up from your computer. Look around your office or the room you are in. Where is Jesus? You know, he is right there with you. Really look around. Where do you think he is? We know he inhabits every cell of our bodies. We’ve talked about that, but he is walking the earth too. He is there in that room with you even as he lives and breathes inside you. Imagine him putting his hands on you. What does that feel like? Can you feel the fire? How are your own hands? Do they feel hot in the palms? That is the anointing. Put them on your body and release the healing power.

Look, we decree and declare things to be. We command, but sometimes with healing I like to be sensitive. Think about healing hands. Sure, sometimes they are strong. You should have seen the forearms on my orthopedic surgeon. All in all, though, don’t we imagine healing hands to be sensitive and gentle? What does Jesus look like when he prays for you? Open up your mind to unfolding pictures and see Jesus praying for your health. What does he look like? The reason I bring this up is that sometimes we need to be kind to our bodies. We need to encourage healing rather than demand it. You follow what the Spirit is telling you but consider talking calmly and nicely to your body. Encourage it to heal. Speak prosperity over your cells and organs.

The healer is with you. Not one person he has ever prayed for has been left sick. Just some people wouldn’t let him heal. Their doubt shut him out. Let us be the people who receive the healing that is in his wings. Really imagine opening up your injuries and letting him in there. All sickness and disease, leave in Jesus’ name.

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