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Psalm 41: 3

The LORD will sustain him upon his sickbed; in his illness, you restore him to health.

You are never alone, never abandoned. Sickness can be a lonely matter. It is easy to feel isolated, but God is with us even when we cannot feel Him.

He has a two-part plan when you are sick. First, He will sustain you and second, He will heal you. What does it mean that He will sustain you? It means that He is providing what your body needs to heal itself. We cannot see all the small processes going on inside our bodies which keep them running. Even when it feels like your body is betraying you, God is there providing the resources to keep it running and to heal.

Yahweh’s ultimate plan, though, is to restore you to health. He never meant you to be sick one day of your life. We know there are bacteria, germs, etc. and they sometimes cause us problems, but Father’s intent is to eradicate harmful germs and get you back to full strength.

Did you know that He never even intended for you to get sick as the means for you to exit the earth? It’s true. His plan is for us to walk right into eternal life with Him when we are good and ready, indeed, when we are satisfied (Psalm 91: 16). This world has a sick and broke mentality, but that is not God’s way. His way is the Blessing, nothing missing, nothing broken.

Did you also know that right now, wherever you are, as you read this, Father has His intention tuned to you that you might hear His word and believe? “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer,” (Matthew 21: 22). In this very moment, He is strengthening your heart so that you may believe bigger than ever before. Then, when you are confronted with an issue, your belief rises up to confront it. God, your Father, is sustaining you now. He is putting His Word in you so that you will have power to confront every obstacle and circumstance that deigns to interfere with your life. You have the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Father sustaining and feeding you. Let the healing power of God flow, unhindered, through you that you may be blessed and whole.

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