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Proverb 16: 24             GW

Pleasant words are like honey from a honeycomb – sweet to the spirit and healthy for the body.

Early in this series we discussed the enormous impact words have on our health. This verse teaches us that there is a direct correlation between pleasant words and healthy bodies. I do not think this truth can be overstated or repeated too often. Today, I present you with proof of the influence words have over us, our bodies and our health.

Masaru Emoto conducted experiments with water and language. He spoke kind words over some water samples and unkind words over others. Then he looked at the ice crystals under a microscope. The results are astounding! Look at the pictures below and the associated word.

I know the captions are a bit difficult to read.  The first one is “Eternal.”  Beside it is “Peace.”  The second row is “Love and Gratitude” and “You disgust me.”

Emoto conducted his experiments with many different words, but the result was uniform. Nice words yielded pretty crystals. Ugly words, well, they produced ugly crystals.  Observe how much the “You disgust Me” crystal looks like sickness.

I think there are at least two implications for us. First, our bodies are composed primarily of water. Therefore, what we say in the presence of our bodies is having a profound impact on the water within us. We are creating our own Eden within, or a cesspool. This is such a substantial truth that  we all need to grasp this with vigor. What are you saying about yourself? Your body hears it AND responds. You may think not, but just look at the pictures again. It really is profound.

Second, are you praying over your food? Are you speaking kindnesses as you partake of your meals? Does your family squabble and fuss at the table? Or, are you going to lunch with someone and complaining about your boss the whole time? Guess who is harmed by those harsh words.

This is the real deal. You can create what you desire. Pray over your food with words of grace and thanksgiving. Speak kindly over the water you drink. Would it hurt to pray over your water? Why shouldn’t we thank God for providing it? And when you talk about your body, speak kindness. Even if all is not working perfectly, the kind words are more likely to breed the result you wish than the negative ones.

One finally thought. We certainly preach to mind what you say because we believe words are power containers and that they matter. Some people think the “word” preachers go too far and that what you say doesn’t have that great an impact. Here is my retort. Your body and the water in your body does not know if you are serious or just using a stupid idiom like, “I was scared to death,” or “I am sick and tired of such and such.” Negative words are negative words. Period. They do you no good and they can cause you great harm. Let’s speak kindly about ourselves, our bodies and others. Okay?

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