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I hope you enjoyed the healing series from the Word of the Day.  I pray you got something out of it. I appreciate, though, that it encompassed much material and requires time to assimilate.  Transforming our thoughts doesn’t happen overnight.  You can read a scripture, engage with it and then the very next day have your thoughts fly in absolute contradiction to it.  That is why we meditate on scriptures and spend time with them.

Because there was so much information and so many scriptures, I have created a new tool for you.  The entire healing series is now available in a downloadable format.  If you go to the resources tab on the Ivey Minitries website, HERE, you will see the picture above.  There you will find the full series.  When you click on the image or where it says download, print, share, etc. it will download the entire series.  You will, then, have your own copy which you can highlight, take notes in, print, etc.  Use this tool to continue to build your faith for healing.

If you have any trouble downloading the document, please contact me at

Be blessed!

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