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Philippians 2: 7

[He] emptied Himself, taking the form of a bond-servant, and being made in the likeness of men.

Jesus was, and is, and always will be. He was with God at the creation of the world. He sat in the high places with God, and He was God. And yet, he emptied Himself of His deity and came to earth in the form of a bond-servant. Why?

No one less than the very Son of God was good enough for God to send into the earth for the redemption of each and every one of us. And what is amazing is that Jesus willingly gave up everything to come to this world as the sacrificial lamb. He gave up sitting on His throne in paradise to come into this broken world to fix all that was broken.

Sometimes we forget that when Jesus came here, He gave up being God to become a man. Sometimes we think that it was easy for Him to perform the miracles that He did because, “After all, He is God.” Yes, He is but he emptied Himself of all of that so that He could be the perfect sacrifice. He had to empty himself of his divinity in order to be that perfect sacrifice. He had to become a regular person in order to redeem people. He took on our form so that He could stand in our place before God. Now His perfection and His blood speak for us because He is standing before the throne in our place. When we, therefore, go to our God, we have the testimony of Jesus Christ as our garment, our robe.

Never underestimate how important you are to God or how glorious Jesus’ sacrifice was. You are God’s precious child. You were the prize Jesus desired. He was willing to sacrifice everything for you.

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