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Revelation 12: 9

… Satan who deceives the whole world.

The facts are not always as they appear. Situations are not always as they appear. There is a deceiver present, and he is a master at his craft. He has been well able to fool Christians in all sorts of ways. That is one of the reasons that the Bible is so important to us. It is an anchor for our lives because it is truth and there is no deception in it.

One problem the body of Christ has suffered is that the devil has fooled us about all sorts of doctrine. We have been led astray by many winds of doctrine, some of which are so unimportant that they have been forgotten. None the less, they are deceptions that led people away from the truth. So, they fulfilled their function for the devil’s schemes. Others of his deceptions are clearly visible today. Two of the most damaging deceptions are that 1) there really is no devil; and 2) that the Bible is not the true Word of God. These two deceptions of Satan are leading people into all sorts of destruction daily. They have effectively limited the power of Christians so that many Christians have no more victory in their lives than those without God. This is a horrible shame.

Your actual Father is the Master of the Universe, the creator, the almighty and yet many of us are just about as powerful as a 3-volt battery. Christians get run over by the devil and they never even know what hit them. They certainly can’t fight back because they are deceived and powerless. This ought not be. I implore you to help me turn this around.

First, let us all get our heads out of the sand. Look around. The world is falling into chaos all around us. Evil runs amok in our towns and cities. It is hard to deny the power of the devil and the impact he is having in our society, yet many of us do. Let’s stop letting the devil get away with murder. We must first identify that it is he who is our enemy and then, secondly, we must give the Word of God an honored place in our lives. Not so that we can worship the book, but rather so that we will cherish its contents and allow it to work in our lives. We must have God’s help to overcome the schemes of the devil and the Word is the sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6: 17).

You are no longer deceived because you have heard the truth. Now we must all band together to fight the devastation caused by the devil and his horde. We must give the full measure of respect to the Word of God and a fully accept and appreciate that it is the weapon of our warfare.

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