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Psalm 105: 14 -15

He permitted no man to oppress them, and He reproved kings for their sakes: “Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.”

God looks after His own. He is always watching. Many people these days think that God is far off; that He is no longer present in our environment. They are so wrong. God is right here with us, and He is watching over us. He will not allow your adversaries to harm you. Even though it may appear for a time that they are triumphing over you, don’t you believe it. God is not asleep. There is not a seed that has been planted that is not going to bear fruit after its own kind. Those people are going to reap the fruit of their actions. And God is not going to leave His beloved alone and stranded.

What about when the persecution comes from professing Christians? What about when it is “the church” or church people that slander and maltreat you? The Bible says that God is no respecter of persons. That means that God treats all people equally. He will defend you against Christians every bit as much as against unbelievers. Christians’ bad acts are going to reap rotten fruit just like the unsaved person’s bad acts. One does not get a pass just because they once confessed Jesus as Lord or because they have their own pew in the local church. A malicious gossip is a malicious gossip regardless of their theology.

If you are the one who has been speaking badly against another let me encourage you to clean up that behavior right now. God cannot bless you when you are sowing discord. Even if for a time it appears that you are doing ok, let me assure you that it is only temporary. As a man sows, so is he going to reap. It is just a fact.

So, take heart. God is looking after you. He longs to show you His compassion. And if He was willing to reprove kings on His kids’ behalf, He will certainly take care of that bully at work, or the negative brother-in-law. Keep your confession strong and accurate. Keep your mouth from transgressing and allow the power of God to work in your life.

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