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I received a New Year’s blessing from a friend who wished me the best year of all in 2023.  It is a wonderful sentiment, even if  not completely unique; and not unique because it is the premier wish we have for our friends.  This time, the cherished good sentiment hit me differently.  Normally I would simply set my heart in agreement.  This time, though, I asked myself what that would mean.  Would I make more money, more friends, accomplish some big goal, perform better athletically, feel better physically?  What would make 2023 the best year ever?  Are you looking for romance, to have a deeper relationship with your Lord Jesus?  Do you have business goals you would like to achieve?

Jesus commissioned us to go and tell the good news.  What is that good news?  It is that because of his overcoming victory, we can have whatever we ask for!  In him, all things are possible.  Therefore, I encourage you to take a few moments to ask yourself what you would truly like for this year.  You could learn a language, write a book, start a business or anything else you truly desire.  It does not matter if you are 20 years old or 90, God’s power and blessing are all you need.

Talk with the Father from your heart.  Together, consider what would make this the best year ever.  While you are in communion with Him or while you journal with Him, write down what would make 2023 spectacular.  Set down some mile markers.  For example, if you, like me, want to ride more miles on your bike this year than last, what does that mean for January milage?  Can you set out weekly or monthly objectives?   Lastly, what would it look like when you achieve your desire?  What motivates you to ride further, read more, pray everyday?  Attach your passion, create some mind pictures and get in partnership with the Holy Trinity.

Let’s really and truly make this our best year yet.  Let’s engage with the Father to grow our belief to a whole new level.  The brass ring is still there.  Go grab it.


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