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John 15: 5

Apart from me you can do nothing.

I had to stop myself recently and ask how much I believe God is our partner in all things, including in business. If you believe a thing, it will show up in your behaviors. Do we really believe that Yahweh, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are present and active in our everyday lives? Do we believe He (the trinity) intercedes in the affairs of men.

Intellectually and theologically, I absolutely do believe that our Father is ever present and desires to work alongside us in our everyday existences. In fact, did you know that one of the titles of the Holy Spirit is He who goes alongside? What, though, does that mean in practical terms? In other words, even though we may believe this intellectually, how does one partner with the Spirit of God. Does this belief color our actions?

I live knowing my Father is beside me all the time. I speak with Him all day. It is probably the greatest revelation of my life. However, when I arrested myself about God as my senior business partner, I had to face some difficult questions. If you have a boss or a senior partner, do you go about the business of your occupation without checking in with that person? Or do you have regular meetings in order to receive counsel and direction? I was working hard in all the things God has given into my hands, but I wasn’t conferring with Him enough. There is the daily chatter which we keep up and that is great, but it isn’t enough. I need time consulting with Him when I am not driving a car, working out, or applying my hands to any number of tasks. I need that quiet time which is devoted completely to our relationship. Truthfully, I also find it is best if I do that first thing in the morning.

Today’s passage comes from the parable of The Vine. Jesus is the vine; we are the offshoots of the vine and it is from those branches that you find the fruit. Jesus says that he who abides in him and in whom Jesus abides, that person will bear much fruit. The fruit, then, is the product of abiding in Jesus and allowing him to abide with you. There are realms of theology in that statement, but even just at a surface level it means that our lives must be intertwined with him. This is the substance of my logo, lest I forget. He in us, we in him, that is the best business model ever. If we cut ourselves away from the vine, we bear no fruit; we can do nothing.

Here is a little insight for us all. Advancing in our businesses or in another facet of life is in seeking time with the Lord. Sometimes we go to him only when we have a question. Above I wrote that the best thing for me to do is spend time with the Father on our relationship. Out of that relationship flows the river of life. Even when I am not asking Him about business, He is opening my eyes to ideas and insights. My advice, then, to you and to myself is to seek Him. Let us not only seek business counsel but also simply seek the one with wisdom. Seek the lover of your soul. While you seek His heart, He will prosper your business.

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