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Romans 8: 37

But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.

This verse clearly tells us that through Christ we are able to overcome all the situations of life. Not only do we conquer but we overwhelmingly conquer. We do not have to be defeated Christians. So well do I remember when in California I began to meet Christians who were healthy, wealthy and wise. Now that is exactly what I wanted to be. I was attracted to them because of their successful lifestyle. Then as I began to know them, I saw a closeness with the Lord Jesus that I didn’t even know was possible. I remember clearly one person telling me how he takes Jesus with him to business meetings. He revolutionized my thinking. His entire life was lived for Jesus and the Kingdom of God. He told me a financial goal he had. It was for he and his family to live on 10% of their income and give God 90%. Wow! And they were living good. What ground-breaking thinking. I have never recovered from my association with that man and his family and bless God I hope I never do.

If, when you read the scriptures, you believe them in your heart, then your thinking should undergo a transformation too. When we believe Christ and the scriptures, we will cease believing in the sickness and defeat of the world and begin to believe in the wonder working power of our God. We will rise above the challenges of the world and small thinking people. We shall become overwhelmingly victorious because of Him. He has already overcome everything for us. Now we must begin to believe Him at a new, more inspired level. Who are we going to choose to believe, the world or our Lord? Think about it. When you meditate on his greatness so that his truths anchor in your heart then you shall become an overwhelming conqueror too.

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