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Psalm 25: 4 – 5          God’s Word

Make your ways known to me, O Lord, and teach me your paths. Lead me in your truth and teach me because you are God, my savior. I wait all day long for you.

For many years now, this has been my prayer, that the Lord would teach me and show me his ways. Like many lovers, Yahweh and I have “our” song and its lyrics are these very words. Father has been faithful to lead me by His wisdom. None the less, I don’t know His ways and His thoughts as much as I would like. Today, I have found the reason. I have quoted the fourth verse for many years but for those with eyes to see and ears to year, there is a kicker at the end of the fifth verse; “I wait all day long for you.”

I remember the year I joked with my pastor that I was going to give God a watch for Christmas. Father God does not live on the same time standard which I do, and yet, His time is always perfect. I live on USA time. What is that? It is hurry, hurry, rush, rush, rush. It is impatient and NOW. What is this “wait all day long” business about? Are you kidding me? We want our answers now.

I will confess that this has been one of the biggest challenges of my spiritual life. I experience so much revelation when I take a week away from my “real” life because I take the time to sit outside, decompress and listen to the voice of my Father. It’s not truly that He is late, it’s that I must slow down enough to hear.

Do you know that everything has its own vibrational frequency? Your internal organs each have a specific frequency. I wonder if the frequency of my Father’s voice, frequency being the rate of the sound waves, is slower than the rate at which I run. Perhaps we need to slow down and match His vibration so that we can hear His voice. It’s like my life runs at a speed of 50 but His voice is 25. Does that make sense? Can we see that our pace of life can outrun the leading of the Lord? On the one hand we pray, Father, show us how we should proceed, show us your path, but then we start running so fast that the answer to that very prayer gets swept up in our wake; never heard, never attended.

I am not trying to fool anyone. I don’t like waiting any more than anyone else, but when I want to complain that Father has not answered my prayer or hasn’t given me direction, I realize that He has been speaking, but I did not hear.

My life is probably not that different from yours. It is a cacophonous barrage of things to do, calls to make, responsibilities, etc. The noise of my life is deafening at times. You are busy too! I have learned one thing though, busy is a four-letter word!

God is faithful. He is answering us right now. Maybe we both need to learn to wait a few minutes to get divine direction before we get lost in the tall weeds again this week. Maybe if we pause, even for a moment, we will hear our beloved’s guiding words. Will you join me in halting briefly this Monday morning as we begin yet another week, to wait and hear the voice of our God and Father? Can we show enough honor to our own lives, and for our personal value, to wait upon the Lord? Isn’t He worth it? Aren’t we?

I pray, in the name of Jesus, that you hear His voice today, that you hear the words of guidance and instruction as you begin a new week, and that in waiting you are blessed, encouraged and profited. In His name, Amen.

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