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Luke 15: 31

And he said to him, “My child, you have always been with me, and all that is mine is yours.”

Jesus told the story of the prodigal son and most of us are familiar with the story of the lost son who returns.  It is a great depiction of the love of the Father and His saving grace.  Take a moment, though, and look at the other son.  He was angry that when the wayward son returned that their father celebrated with great rejoicing while he, the older brother, had faithfully served his father for years without out misstep or complaint.  He saw all of the attention lauded on the found lost sheep and was jealous.  When he complained to his father he was also met with compassion and understanding.  The father told him that he owned belonged to this faithful son.

The parallel in this story is that you are not the lost but rather the faithful.  Sure, at one time perhaps you strayed but then you were found.  Or maybe you never wandered far from the Father’s house.  In either case you must see yourself now as the elder brother, not the lost prodigal.  When the prodigal son returned to the house of the father, the father ordered a robe to be put on him and sandals and a ring.  Then the father ordered the fatted calf to be slaughtered for a great banquet in honor of the returning brother. 

It is intriguing that there was a fatted calf.  The father did not wait for the son to appear and then order a calf to be set aside for a feast.  No, there was already a calf ready for a festival.  The older son could have thrown a party any day.  The father told him, “All that I have is yours.”  He did not need to wait for the father to throw a party for him.  He had already been given the keys to the kingdom.

In like manner, everything that Father God has is yours.  You do not have to wait.  He has already given you all right to everything He has.  Already the kingdom is yours.  You are a ruler over this kingdom along with your father.  All of His power is yours.  You can even throw a feast and serve the fatted calf.  You have all of the rights and privileges pertaining to the kingdom of your father.  He has even given you the use of His name.  You are entitled to your robe now, your ring now and you do not have to go around barefooted.  All of the assets of the kingdom are available to you.  So exercise your freedom as the child of the king.  Don’t wait around for God to throw you a party.  He has already given you everything the kingdom owns.  There is nothing left for Him to give you, He is holding nothing back.  Just go throw a party and invite all your friends.  You are a joint heir with Jesus so begin to exercise your rights.

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