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2 Thessalonians 3: 16

Now may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord be with you all!

I have been thinking about the peace of Jesus much lately. 2020 was an attack on our peace. We have struggled to maintain our peace. I had to turn off the news and Facebook in order to retain my peace. We must guard our peace zealously. Your emotional and even physical well-being depend on it.

The key thought is that we can have peace. Jesus left his kind of peace here when he left earth. Think about Jesus’ life for a moment. Only once do we know of that he lost his peace and that was in fulfillment of prophecy. In the gospel of John Jesus characterized his peace as “not as the world gives,” (John 14: 27). This is a different kind of peace, a kind of peace the world cannot comprehend. It is beyond human expression but not beyond human experience because it is this peace which the Lord has given us. We may have peace even in the most tumultuous of times. Many of you have witnessed this miracle of grace in the past eleven months. Jesus went on to say, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, nor fearful.” Great Jesus, but how do we do that?

If Jesus gave us his peace, then why are we not all walking around in perfect peace? Do we have to earn what was granted? By no means! It doesn’t, however, fall out of the sky on us either. We get to choose whether to abide in this grace or not. I find I lose my peace more readily when I do not spend sufficient time with my Lord. It’s not just praying either. It might just be making myself aware of his presence and abiding there. Sometimes I just look out the window and ponder things. The key is that I get to choose whether I abide in that presence or not. That is why I will not be on Facebook anytime soon nor will I be watching the news. Those things will rob me of my peace, and I am under command from Jesus to protect my heart.

We are blessed to enjoy a kind of peace the world does not know. Protect your heart and abide in Jesus’ peace.

  1. Ivey,
    This cannot be a more appropriate time for this message. We are told countless times throughout the bible not to fear and even commanded in Psalm 91:5 but it is way too easy to allow the devil to enter the only portal he has to us,our minds, and invoke fear thus robbing us of our peace. With all that is going on around us and the world, it is almost impossible for some not to feel hopeless, have fear, and constant anxiety about our and our loved ones current state of affairs. These all rob us of our peace, joy and the hopelessness it causes tries to stop us from speaking the word. You are fighting the good fight and I so appreciate it as it is contagious. We can all and should make a difference as it is in all of us to do so as followers of Christ. The devil has such a stronghold now on our country and there has not been a better time for us all to speak up and out about our savior and what he has and will do for us. May you continue to have Peace and Joy while you continue this ministry. Prayers for this ministry will be constant and thanks once again for sharing and putting the spark in each day.
    Love, Doug

  2. Thanks Doug. It is good to link arms with you!

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