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Psalm 27: 14

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord.

That is some good advice from someone who knew how to work with the Lord, King David. From the time David was a small boy through the time of his death he faced giants of all sorts. With the help of the Lord, he slew them all. David learned, while he was still a young shepherd boy tending his father’s flocks, how to trust the Lord. He encountered predators that stalked on his flock and he had to fight them off. He relied on the strength of his God to defeat the bear and the lion.

He slew the giant Goliath who dared profane the Lord God. As the King of God’s flock, David had the same kind of problems. By this time, though, he knew how to defeat every kind of foe. Wait on the Lord. Be of strong courage, let your heart take courage and stand steadfastly trusting the Lord. It worked for David time after time, year after year. This is the message to us. Stand and trust the Lord. Let him defend you and defeat your foes for you. Be of stout heart because you know the Lord will overcome every challenge that is hurled your way.

Only let your heart be strong and unafraid. You have the God of David over your right shoulder. He can teach you just as He did David. Don’t worry; let God be your strong right hand in every situation. Wait on Him. Wait and hear His voice. Then you can go where He leads without fear.

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