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Psalm 32: 8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go; I will advise you with My eye upon you.

Do you listen to audio books? I am listening to At Home in Mitford: A Novel by Jan Karon. It’s the story of an Episcopal priest set in a fictional town in North Carolina. Some believe it to be a reflection of a town I frequent in the mountains of NC, Blowing Rock. There is even a character or two in this series of novels with the last name of Ivey. How about that? So, I was listening to it last night, using the melodious tones of narrator John McDonough to help me fall asleep, when Timothy, the rector, quoted the above scripture. I enjoy the passages where Timothy thinks about or discusses scripture, especially as it interplays in the course of his life. Unfortunately, it has the effect of disturbing my attempts at sleep. Scripture is just too stimulating. This one had me awake for a while and I was still thinking of it when I awoke this morning.

When we talk about the good news the Bible shares, there are different degrees and effects. Some people think mostly about the good news that the savior has come and redeemed us. Surely, there is not news greater than that. And, some people do not think this verse will have Jesus in it because it pre-dates Jesus’ walk in the earth. For me, though, I see Jesus all over this and it not only gives me comfort but also gives me the sense of both his and our Father’s presence with me. I know it can creep some people out that God is watching them all the time, but I like knowing He is watching me right this minute. If I type a wrong word, He is right here to steer me.

Moreover, we can rely on the dynamic duo to lead us step by step every single day in every single way. I need the constant supervision. It takes so little for me to go off the rails. They help me prioritize what is most important. I don’t always listen perfectly, but I would have more difficulty if I had to steer my own car all the time.

Now, add the Holy Spirit who is our teacher because this scripture promises me that the Triumphant Trio will teach me. We have a navigator pointing out the way to go. He is obligated to instruct and teach us. He, too, must keep an eye on us to make sure we don’t walk off any cliffs.

How does this play out in life, you ask? Well, what decision do you need to make today? Perhaps it is as simple as a Christmas gift you are considering for someone. Sometimes I think that is where our walk is most challenging. It’s common to pray for the big things but I think we gain an entirely different relationship with the Father when we begin looking to Him for all the little things in a day. What should I wear? Which workout should I go to? Shall I bake chicken for dinner?

It’s God’s job to watch us and then guide our steps. I like that. Help us, Father, in every step we take today, to go in the right direction for us. Lead us, teach us. Thank you!

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