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Jeremiah 30:17

For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds.

This verse is special to me among the healing verses and here is why. When I was in my 20’s and just learning these verses, I didn’t have to deal with sickness, but I did have three nagging injuries from my days of playing sports. Injuries and wounds seemed similar to each other and different from sickness. The sickness and disease scriptures didn’t seem to apply to my injuries, so I was having trouble applying faith to those scriptures. I needed a verse that spoke to injuries and this one fit the bill for me.

Now that we are older and wiser, you and I know that every healing verse applies to every ailment regardless of type. An even broader perspective teaches us that the Word, in general, is filled with life so has healing in it. None the less, when you have something physical going on in your body, you need the verse that feels right in your spirit. I wrote early on that the verse which resonates with me at one time might not be the verse Father leads me to at another time. That is part of the value of this list. You will have a reasonably comprehensive list of verses to turn to when you have a need.

In that light, I hope you took my advice and made a list of these or have been writing them on index cards. This, truly, is an invaluable tool because it will help you quickly feed yourself in the time of need. When you read over them, a particular verse may grab your attention. If it does, that is the one you need for the present circumstance. That was the case for me with today’s verse. It sounded loud when I read it. To this day, when I read it I mentally replace the word “wounds” with “injuries.” Don’t ignore the first part of this verse though. It is equally appealing, “I will restore you to health.” You can’t beat that. It is exactly what we need to hear.

Now, let me remind you of one thing before I let you go. These verses are powerful spiritual tools. They are not, however, magic pills. You have to mix your faith and your words with them. This is the work you must do and why I think it is important that you write them down. When you find one that really goes off in you, make sure that you read that one aloud every day. I am not suggesting that you ignore the others, just that you want to latch on to the one Father is quickening to your spirit. You know that you have some promises from God. Now you have to ingest them and rehearse them. As you do, your faith will grow. Don’t forget that Father is watching over His Word to perform it and the angels are listening for these divine dew drops. Start speaking them. When someone asks you how you’re doing you can respond, “God has restored my health and healed my wounds. Praise God.” When you get out of a chair and your bones creak, you’ve got something to say. “Knees you have been healed by Jesus’ stripes.” Just don’t let these verses be a moment’s read. Make them an integral part of your life. Amen?

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