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Jeremiah 1:12

You have seen well, for I am watching over My word to perform it.

How many promises from God do we have from this series on healing? How much of His Word do we have? We have quite a treasure trove so far with more to come, but what does it mean that Father is watching over His Word to perform it?

God has given us His word. What does it mean when someone gives their word? It means we have a promise from them, doesn’t it? However, it is stronger than a regular promise. A person’s word is their bond. It is like an oath. Now, if a person’s word is their bond, how much stronger and more binding should God’s word be? It should be unbreakable. So, we have an unbreakable promise from God. What’s next?

God said He is watching over His word to perform it. It sounds like He is waiting for something to happen. What do you think that is? He is waiting for someone to call in His marker, to put it crudely. It is as if He has written us a check and He is just waiting for us to deposit it. When we do, He will then transfer the funds to our account. You know, that is exactly what a check is. It’s a promise to pay. Isn’t that what Father has given us? So, He is saying, if you understand this, then you have seen well because I am keeping up with those promises to fulfill them when demand is made.

Let’s get a bit more practical. So, we have God’s promise for health and for healing, separate promises toward a common goal. Now, how do we make a demand on that promise or how do we cash the check? God said He is watching over His Word. His Word is His bond. So, He is watching His Word for when someone draws on it. We know that salvation comes by believing in our hearts and confessing with our mouths. We saw in Proverb 4: 21 that we are to keep God’s words “in the midst of your heart.” We have also seen a number of scriptures which tell us that death and life, health and wellbeing are in the power of our tongues. It is, therefore, reasonably easy to conclude that Father wants us to believe in our hearts that He is our healer and wants us to be in health and to speak “His Word” in that regard. When He hears His Word being spoken, He performs it. He has legions of angels who hearken to His Word. They can’t help it. That Word is Jesus to them, so they are immediately attracted to it. When we get our Words in alignment with God’s words and when we intentionally speak His Word over our situation there is an angelic host ready to perform.

Look at this passage from 2 Chronicles, “Yahweh’s eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to him and to strengthen them.” (v. 16: 9 GW). God is scanning the whole earth watching and listening for people who will call on His Word. He is attentive to His Word and all the angels and heavenly beings are attracted to that Word. Thus, the way we “cash our check” is to believe the Word we have heard and to speak it with faith and confidence. Call in God’s marker. He has given you His promise. He has given you His Word. He cannot go back on it. You just have to call Him on it, just as if I made you a promise and you called me on the phone and said you were ready for me to fulfill my promise. He is watching and waiting. Make the Call!

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