Angels with Fire

Hebrews 1: 7              New Living Translation

Regarding the angels, he says, “He sends his angels like the winds, his servants like flames of fire.”

This is the vision the Lord gave me regarding Covid-19. And I need to thank my friend, Chris, who came up with this verse after reading this in the Prayer Request email which is part of Ivey Ministry’s Prayer ministry.


This virus is being propelled across the country via a highway of fear. We need to stand together and stand against this menace.

While I was praying about it this morning, the Lord showed me a picture that I need to share with you. First, He led me to pray this, “Father, send out your angels with fire throwers to kill this virus.” Immediately a picture formed in my mind of all kinds of spiritual beings wielding flame throwers. God taught me that the flame does not hurt humans so the angels can actually use the flame throwers on people. The flame is the fire of the Holy Spirit and Father said that the fire of the Holy Spirit cleanses and heals.

Yahweh has legions of spiritual warriors which can canvas the entire world in moments. This need not take days and days. Hold this picture in your mind and pray. If you know how to pray in tongues, then you can hold onto this image and let the Spirit pray through you. I found myself praying in tongues in yoga. I am sure that was inspired prayer.

Stand with me. Be loud. Be obnoxious. This is our planet and our brothers and sisters. We have authority to command things to be as they should be which means in accordance with God’s grace and love.

Coronavirus, I command you to be gone, eradicated in the name of Jesus!


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Blessings upon the praying faithful!

Prayer Power

Acts 6: 4

But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.

On March 3, 2020 I wrote that I believed God was calling us to prayer this year. I wish I had taken that Word from God more seriously and done more praying, but I say, it is not too late.

I think everyone can understand, now, why our Beloved was calling us to prayer. Our Father loves us and wants not even one of us to come to harm. That is why He called us to prayer. He is our love and our protection. On the other hand, He has given this earth to us. We are the voices of authority in the earth. That is why Father called out to us. He, literally, prayed to us to enter into a period of prayer. He was activating the partnership He has with us. He can intervene but it is our voices, hands and prayers that move the mountains. He has a spiritual army to deploy but it is our prayers which give these angels, and others, their marching orders.

You no longer have the shortage of time you did, and this is the silver lining. Turn off the television. Too much of that will poison your brain and cause you to fear. Grab that book, you know the one. Read Psalm 46: 10, read it in several translations. Bible Gateway can help you with that. In that space of calm and quiet, slow down your mind and listen. Put a pad of paper beside you so that you can record what you hear. God will lead you in what to do and how to pray. He may give you an idea for a prayer, as He did me. He may give you another idea which will aid others in this time. Be still and listen to the heart of God. He, clearly, has been calling out to His people.

Pray. Pray earnestly. If you do not pray in tongues, go to Acts 2. Read it and ask the Father to pour out His Spirit upon you. This is a good time to receive that gift. I wish to repeat what I said the other day, you are called to this time. Your prayers will make a difference. You are a warrior and this is the appointed time. This is the time we have been hearing preachers speak about for years. Read Ephesians 6: 10 – 18. Let’s do this!

One more thing – please check on your elder neighbors.

Tomorrow I will share with you the vision and prayer that our Father gave me.

Wisdom Without Fear

Isaiah 41:10

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; Do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

I have coined a new expression that is my guide for this time of extreme confusion over the corona virus. It is “Wisdom without Fear.” We should exercise reasonable caution throughout the flu and cold season anyway, but especially now with the corona virus spreading. However, we should not be in a panic. We are called to meet calamity with faith rather than fear. We must stand in faith and pray against the virus asking our Father to intervene on our behalf.

Our Father expressly says, “Do not Fear, for I am with you.” Let those words ring through your mind day and night. Look at the rest of the verse. Doesn’t it give you great comfort? These are words that will encourage others as well. You could write this verse on small cards and hand them out to people. You could email it to a bunch of folks. You might need to memorize it for when you speak with people.

Inside me, these words reverberate loudly and give my heart courage. They take my focus off the problems and onto Him. Confidence soars when our hearts and minds rest on the goodness of the Father.

What encouragement do you need today? What encouragement can you give? Is there someone with whom you can share the Word of the Day? Even if you are staying in your home, you can share the good news with folks via email and telephone. People are going to be isolated over the next couple of weeks. I can do some writing and you can do some sharing. Let us reach out to everyone we can to give them comfort and encouragement. The virus can spread very quickly, one person by one person. The good news can too if we will take a moment to spread it.

Our God Reigns!

Psalm 93: 1

The LORD reigns.

That should be enough said. That should be enough for all and yet . . ..

The panic over this corona virus is insane, but here is my question, “Are all the people who are out buying yards and yards of toilet paper and who are closing their businesses, are they all unsaved people?” In other words, are Christians part of the panicking horde?

Clearly, the answer is yes. Churches have cancelled services. Really? Instead of cancelling services we should simply change them to prayer services. Are you afraid of congregating more than 20 people in a church? How many times has our Father told us not to fear? The NASB has 57 verses that say, “Do not fear.” The King James has 64 instances of “Fear not.” What about Jesus? What does he have to say? I think his position is most clearly articulated in Mark 5: 36. Jesus was called to the house of a synagogue official whose daughter was sick. He entered a house of chaos and panic. Jesus confronted this situation with these words, “Don’t yield to fear. All you need to do is to keep on believing,” (TPT).

I could go on, but the point is made. How many times does God need to say “Do not fear” for us to recognize that as an edict from the Most High? Jesus showed us the way. Our God is on the throne! He reigns. He is clothed in majesty and power. Jesus showed us that all we need to is: 1) not yield to fear, and 2) believe. Be a believer. Believe that our God reigns, that he is both a good and a mighty God and that He is well able to care for us over some virus. God reigns. He created the entire universe and IF we will get into agreement with Him, He will stamp out this virus.

He cannot get into agreement with fear though. He is a faith God. He connects with faith. We shall not contract the virus and we will not die from it. You don’t have to cancel your events. You don’t have to shut yourself up in your house. More than anything, as Christians, we shouldn’t be spreading fear. We should be proclaiming, “Our God reigns!”

I am calling on you to be the voice of rationality and faith in this time of chaos. Be the one voice crying out in the desert, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” Use this time to show your faith, to declare the greatness of our God and Father. Please stand up and be bold! And pray. This is your moment in history. This is the moment that God has called you to. This is the moment God appointed for you to stand up and boldly declare faith. Let us be the ones God uses to heal a nation and a world. You are His warriors in this earth and this is the very moment to which you were called. Pick up your sword and declare, “My God reigns.”

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me at 336-946-6045, or email me at Please share this email with your pastors and offer my support to them and your church. If you need a faith minister to come to your church and pray or anoint your people with oil, reach out to me at the number or email address above or via our website at Do not feel you have to stand alone. This is a time for all people of faith from all denominations to come together and stand shoulder to shoulder for the Lord. Together, with our God, we shall prevail!

Advance Team

Deuteronomy 31: 8

“The LORD is the one who goes ahead of you; He will be with you. He will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

To what can you apply this verse in your life? You know we all have areas of our lives where we don’t stand quite as firmly. When we find them, though, we can throw this verse at them and be renewed in our faith.

Every word of this verse is wonderful, but I love the idea that the Lord, our God, is going before us to prepare the way. By the time we get to the situation, He has already been there and fixed it. Man, we’ve got to get a revelation of this. What do you dread? Is there a situation that challenges you like an upcoming physics test or doctor’s appointment? Or, is there a person who is a source of discomfort? Maybe you’ve got an ugly project at work that you keep putting off.

One recent example of that for me that was getting the tax information pulled together to give to the accountant. The accountant is doing the hard work, what was I dreading? Well, it is a laborious process and it takes time. I would rather work on a project where I can throw physical energy at it and accomplish it. None the less, it had to be done. Well, Father goes ahead of you to work out details, to line-up the proper people for you and to lay at your feet all the resources you need. Yahoo! It works! I did need some resources and they were there, the people I needed were available and all of the information is at the accountant’s office. Yea! I needed to yield myself to the Father’s presence, then all was well.

No matter what the situation or project, Dad promises that He will not abandon you. He is going to be with you all the way. Better yet, He is even going to get there before you do. While you are still worrying about it and procrastinating, He has already gone before you to prepare the way. You’ve gotta love that.

The part we all need to hear the loudest is that He will never leave us nor will He ever forsake us. Even when you feel alone, He is there. Whether or not you can feel His presence, you can know He is with you. He will not fail you, ever!

Most of all, do not fear! Do not be dismayed! The Lord is with you. What have you to fear? Does anything have you in its grip right now? Relinquish it to your God and lean into His presence.

Fear, Go!

Judges 6:23

The LORD said to him, “Peace to you, do not fear; you shall not die.”

I must write again on the Corona virus, or more to the point, the spread of the virus. I have been amazed at the reaction to this virus. It seems that the reaction has been stronger than with previous contagious diseases. This has moved me to tell you one thing which feeds and spreads the virus at least as much as any other factor. Fear.

Fear is fueling the spread of Covid 19. One of my friends brought up a good point recently. The Corona virus has a name and every name must bow to the name of Jesus. Jesus is the pinnacle. He and his name are the highest things in this or any other universe. Everything, including Covid 19, must bow to Jesus, but fear is powerful.

Do you remember that Job realized that his dread had drawn the very thing he feared to him? He finally learned that faith in the Father overcomes fear and all its contaminates. Faith presides over the faithful and there is no fear in faith.

Whose banner are we flying? Even as Christians we may find ourselves falling in fear rather than standing in faith. You’ve got to say, “This virus shall not touch me or my family. We are immune to its effects.” No disease, no pestilence or plague has any right to touch your body. I don’t expect you to be foolish. Wash your hands, but tell other people and yourself that your God is bigger than any virus this planet has ever bred. Let faith words come out of your mouth. Say, “God’s protection is over my family and Father, I thank you that no disease can come near my family.” You have a promise of health. Use it! Don’t just sit and be a passive victim. Speak! You gotta say something. What will you say? Will they be fear words or faith words?

This is a great evangelical opportunity. Share the love of God. Give people the good news. Dig out some protection verses and some healing verses and make a stand. You know, you can go to our website and run a search and find lots of verses and support.

I am telling you, fear is spreading this virus. Control the fear and you will control the virus. Control the fear and you will eliminate the virus. Let the people of faith stand up and say something. My God is bigger than a virus. He is salvation to all people. Will we be counted in this time of crisis or will we be silent? May the earth tremble with our united voice. Our God, Yahweh, is King. He presides over all and everything that is named must bow to Him. He is health. He is wellness and there is no fear in Him.

I shall not fear! Will you encourage someone today with your bold faith?

Heal the Wounds

Isaiah 61: 1             Passion Translation

The mighty Spirit of Lord Yahweh is wrapped around me because Yahweh has anointed me, . . . He sent me to heal the wounds of the brokenhearted.

I have been thinking on this verse for some time now and I am not sure that we fully embrace its meaning or significance for our own personal experience. So, today, let’s think about the brokenhearted. Who are they? What does this verse imply or express for them?

First, who are the brokenhearted? Well, at some level it is each of us, right? Raise your hand if you have never had a hurt heart. Everyone has suffered heartbreak. It’s part of life but so is healing and that is where I want to focus today. Before we look at healing, let’s think about how one suffers heartbreak.

We often think of a romantic breakup, maybe even a divorce. If that doesn’t hurt your heart, then you need heart surgery to replace that stone heart with a human one. Of course, it hurts. You would be a lesser being if it didn’t. What about the death of a loved one? That’s heartbreaking. What else? Each of has lived through times that threatened to splinter our hearts beyond repair. For me, one of the hardest was the second knee injury which effectively closed the door on my collegiate sports. We each can point to many times when our hearts took a very hard knock. In some cases, the injury was so acute that we failed to heal. Some were battered and bruised; others shattered. Some healed, others continue to suffer the brokenness. However, there is hope and there is help and you know help’s name.

The Passion Translation calls this chapter, “Messiah’s Mission.” One of the anointings which is upon Jesus is for healing. Yahweh anointed Jesus to heal the wounds of our broken hearts. Many of you can attest to how Jesus lifted you in your darkest moments. You can tell of how Jesus touched your broken heart and made you whole again. Unfortunately, there are even more people for whom this story is incomplete. They have yet to experience the fullness, the completeness of Jesus’ healing. Perhaps, though, each of us has at least a small injury which is still unhealed, one that would benefit from the master’s touch.

The reason some of you are enjoying healing and others are plagued by lingering damage is your ability to open that injured heart to Jesus’ ministrations. Some of us are too busy to spend time letting Jesus touch our hearts. Some of us are just too lazy. Both are ridiculous excuses, but they work. We don’t slow down long enough or spend enough quiet time with Jesus to ever let him touch our hearts. We only slow down long enough to talk; not long enough, to hear. Some won’t even read to the end of this devotion to hear what the Lord would say to them when he is desperate to touch them and relieve their suffering.

The other major impediment to healing is fear. One of the reasons people don’t slow down and listen to the voice of our Lord is because they are afraid of what he will say, afraid of what he will see within us, and deathly afraid of seeing it for ourselves. We can be afraid of the healing too. That gets played out in the world all the time. People are sick but afraid to go to the doctor for a diagnosis. It’s crazy but it’s real, and it’s powerful. Some people are so afraid that the healing, whether by medical science or by Jesus, is going to be painful that they choose to live with the pain of the injury. That also is ludicrous, but we are pain avoidance organisms. Even though we have the ability to think and reason, many times base emotions overrule rationality.

I wish I could touch you and heal your emotions. I wish, with a word, I could evaporate the scars from your broken heartedness, but each of us must make that individual decision to be healed. Those who do not allow themselves to heal end up inflicting their pain on others and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Let me be the one who tells you the truth about the pain of healing. Yes, it hurts. HOWEVER, it is so very brief and miniscule in comparison to the pain brought about by the lack of healing. Yes, I remember facing down the fear in my own life, but the pain of healing is so small and temporary that I have learned to face it much more bravely. It is an instant whereas people live their entire lives with a broken heart. They live a superficial, meaningless existence because they are too afraid to go deep. It is a horrible existence when they could have freedom. They could be healed and enjoy the joy of Jesus’ Spirit. Worst of all, their misery is contagious. They spread it to their family and friends. There is no relief for them because they don’t truly know the healer. They may be Christians, but they don’t “know” Jesus. Jesus has been anointed to heal our hearts. Yahweh sent him into the earth to remedy the brokenness. If we want to live as realized Christians, we must allow him into every part of our lives, even those dark corners where we have clustered every hurt and disappointment.

Who do you know who needs a touch from Jesus? Who do you know who has, at one time or another, had their heart broken? Will you send them this word of encouragement today? Beloved, Jesus came to heal us. He is real and his love is real. He can touch a heart and make it whole. He put himself on a cross so that we would not have to live slaves to our hurts. Won’t you reach out to him today? Won’t you let him bless and heal you? Share this with someone you love and let them know that Jesus wants to heal their hearts with his love.
As always, my phone line and email inbox are open if you need assistance. Bless the Lord! Bless you!